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Knives Out: Sequel In The Development, Will Focus On Daniel Craig’s Character, Details Inside

Star Wars sequel: The last Jedi maker of the killing mystery film Rian Johnson Knives Out is on its way. The writer-director has told reporters that he is working on a follow-up to Craig’s character, Southern Detective BeniotBlanc, who is now working on a new case. The report states that Johnson sees Knives Out for Lionsgate as a potential franchise.

He added that he had the intention of striking while the iron was soft, hoping to shoot the latest Knives Out film in 2024. Ram Bergman, the producer of Knives Out, said Craig wants to come back to the series.

Knives Out, released in November theatres, received around $247 million in the box office so far from a $40 million budget (the film remains in theatres) estimated. This film has several huge names, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Toni Collette, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford, and Michael Shannon. Such actors and their characters certainly would not return to the sequel to the events in the film.

The sequel to Knives Out will not be the only project of Johnson because he also develops a new Star Wars trilogy for Disney. Reporters note that plans for Johnson’s original Star Wars film trilogy have “slowed down,” which could allow Johnson more time to work on other projects.

Johnson also credited Craig with getting on board the remaining Knives Out.

“If we could bring together every few years and make a new mystery of Benoit Blanc, I think it’d be a whirl, just to make a new cast, a new place and a fresh mystery about this entirely new collection.”

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