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Justice League: HBO Max Dropped The Moment Trailer Of Justice League Snyder Cut

Fans have continuously asked for the Director’s Cut Edition Of Justice League and it seems like their efforts have finally been paid off after almost two long years.

Time To Rejoice As Jack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League Will Be Finally Released. Here’s What We Know.

Considering a long time request from fans to release the alternate cut edition of DC’s Justice League team, it seems like HBO Max have finally taken that into consideration and announced that the Snyder cut of the popular superhero team-up film based on the DC Comics characters will release on the streaming service.

After Fans Started A Twitter Campaign, HBO Max Will Finally Release The Film.

However, the nature of the whole project is yet to be decided, it seems like the director’s cut of Justice League will either be featured as a 4-hour long movie or as a six-part mini-series as well. The possibilities are between these two and the network will make its final call.

Fans pretty much starter a twitter hashtag campaign asking for the director’s cut to be received when they noticed that a huge chunk of the film was missing, it was later confirmed when several small buts and pieces from the trailer did not make its way in the final film. Take a look at the small teaser released by the studio. Get ready to watch the story yet again!