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Coldplay: Chris Martin Is Bullied In The ‘Champions Of The World’ Video

Chris Martin depicted a dominated school child in the latest Coldplay video song for Champion Of The World.

What Does The Video Show?

The actor made us emotional as he got a bully by his mates and screamed by his parents. Certainly, they shrivelled his body down while he was in the same place as his progenitors to get him child-sized.

The 42-year-old singer leaves from his real-life in music and an interest in external space, as seen in the video song.

He starts performing his song to a blank talent appearance, before driving his bike towards the house and thinking about bigger things, like performing the song on various planets.

French director Cloé Bailly made the video song in Los Angeles, and stated in a comment that the ‘video is about this supernatural power that children have to switch off from presence and jump into their own world.’