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Joaquin Phoenix In The Batman Series Could Be Possible Now

Joaquin Phoenix sets the landmark of Joker’s character after the likes of Heath Ledger. However, he also clinched the most prestigious accolade in the whole world. Everyone thought it would be just a single installment in the franchise and production houses won’t consider the sequel in the future.

But recent reports suggesting that Joaquin Phoenix clinched two more films as he already got the advanced paycheck for the flicks. So finally, there will be Joker’s sequel, not just one but two. But today we are focusing his appearance in Matt Reeve’s Batman, the trilogy already projected for its release and Joker addition will be a major boost for them.

Joker In Batman Trilogy?

However, it’s clear that Batman Trilogy will have its villain lineup, and it’s highly doubtful if Joker won’t feature in it. However, the contract extension could be a major indication that one of the flicks will be all about one of his trilogy appearance. However, there were no traces earlier but now it looks like Joker will be on board in Matt Reeve’s Trilogy.

The Joker Movie Controversy Explained

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Second or Third Installment?

Christopher Nolan’s trilogy featured Joker in the second installment with the plans extending to the third one but unfortunately, it didn’t happen as per their plans. So it looks like Matt Reeves could prefer Joker in the final installment of the trilogy.

Other Contenders

There were several other contenders for the character as likes of Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Bill Skarsgård, Jim Carrey and many more are potential candidates to clinch the role. But it’s up to the casting directors that they will offer Phoenix a role in the trilogy or there will be a new one donning the purple coat with a weird smile.

But with the latest expansion of Phoenix’s contract, its clear that he could feature in Trilogy.

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