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It Is Reported That The Brie Larson Has Also Auditioned For Iron Man 2 And Thor Movies

Are you also a fan of Captain Marvel? There many fans who love the superhero character Captain Marvel and the star who has played the role of the character Brie Larson. But have you heard that she also auditioned for Thor and Iron Man movies too, then why the talented actress didn’t appear in it?

The star has revealed that she likewise tried out for Iron Man 2 and Thor movies. Fans of Marvel have watched her in MCU’s Captain Marvel. But she even tried for other marvel movies. Had things worked out in an unexpected way, nonetheless, she may have just been in Captain Marvel. Here’s what The star Brie herself revealed.

Here’s What Brie Larson Revealed

The entertainer has revealed on her YouTube channel where she uncovers all the projects and other things she tried out for throughout the long term. The star revealed that she even tried for getting a role in Iron Man 2 and in Thor flick. She didn’t reveal about the role for which she gave the auditioned, yet Larson appearing in the MCU years sooner than she really did a fascinating plan to contemplate. But things didn’t work.

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Other Major Details To Know

There’s not much information or clearance for the roles that she has given the auditions there are just a couple of significant female characters in the two flicks. In Iron Man 2, the actoress is Natasha, or the black widow, which is played by Scarlett Johansson. Larson didn’t state why she didn’t land the position, yet it’s conceivable that she was considered excessively youthful for that particular role. We don’t know much as nothing is revealed clearly.

The good things happen for Brie Larson as fans were able to see her on the big screens as Captain Marvel. As she uncovered that Marvel Studios looked for her a couple of times for Carol Danvers before she consented to do it. The certainty she radiates now is fundamental in successfully rejuvenating a character like Captain Marvel. Now she will be back for the fans as Captain Marvel, in her upcoming movie Captain Marvel 2.

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