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Indiana Mother Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison After She Created Hindrance In Her Son’s Cancer Treatment

An Indiana mother has been sentenced to seven years in prison on Thursday after she injected fecal matter into her son’s IV bag while he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Michael Leffler, a spokesman with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, said that 44-year-old Tiffany Alberts was also directed to serve five years of probation after she completed her sentence. The 44-year-old mother was convicted in September of neglect and six counts of aggravated battery.

She was cleared of attempted murder by the authorities.

The Indiana mother was taken in custody in November 2016 after she was noticed on surveillance video using a syringe to inject a thing into her 15-year-son’s IV bag.

Hospital employees grew suspicious after the teen developed more health issues.

The 15-year-old boy underwent chemotherapy treatment for leukemia in 2016 at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. He developed blood infections and other diseases, including fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Blood tests showed organisms usually found in feces. Alberts claimed her works were an effort to get her son transferred to another hospital unit she thought would provide better care.

She initially informed the police that she injected water into the IV bag to “flush the line” because his medicine “burned.” Officials stated that she later admitted to injecting fecal material.

Sources reported that doctors stated the infections stopped the teen’s treatment for two months, putting his health at risk.

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