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Hot Fuzz 2: Simon Pegg Opened Up About The Possibility Of The Sequel

Are fans going to see a Hot Fuzz sequel soon enough? Well, Simon Pegg might be hopeful about a potential sequel and it seems like even we are! Let us look into it for further details about the sequel.

Is Hot Fuzz Getting A Sequel? Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, Simon Pegg might have teased a slight possibility of a Hot Fuzz sequel. Considering that none of the films in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy has spawned a sequel yet, there might be a strong possibility of a sequel, and when asked the actor came up with an apt answer.

Simon Pegg Has Some Creative Ideas on The Hot Fuzz Deserves A Sequel!

Simon Pegg had some interesting take on a possible sequel when he appeared for an exclusive interview for his latest film Mission Impossible: Fallout, he said that the only film amongst the three that can have a sequel is definitely Hot Fuzz. There are definitely some reasons why he chose this particular picture and the actor elaborated on them.

A possible Hot Fuzz sequel would be an absolutely great idea with a stellar cast and a plot that was also entertaining enough. We would love to see more of Timothy Dalton’s devilishly funny character, Simon Skinner.

The Actor Is Keen On Returning As The Nicholas Angel.

It seems like keeping the fact in one that the other two films in the trilogy gas some limitations, Pegg is keen on returning as the obsessive, detail-oriented police Officer Nicholas Angel. He further explained that why Hot Fuzz deserves a sequel is because it’s a sort-of action-style, cop thing. Also, Hot Fuzz was about his character going to the countryside to be a cop in a small town which could serve as the reverse plot. It seems like a sequel might be possible!

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