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Here’s The New Set Video Of Venom 2 Involves Cletus Kasady’s Carnage, Details Inside

The new set video for Venom 2 indicates at Woody Harrelson’s murderer Cletus Kasady changing into the symbiote knave Carnage.

Harrelson Made His Appearance As Kasady

Award naming Harrelson made his appearance as Kasady throughout a mid-credits scene in the original Venom while reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is called to interview the imprisoned criminal.

Harrelson’s part was apparently expected to be a mystery but leaked well forward of the movie’s release in October 2018.

After getting the news about his association was already out there, Harrelson explained his role – who was still a secret at the time would only be in ‘a little fraction of the first Venom before expected to perform a main role in the movie.

Numerous fans were swift to conclude this intended Harrelson is performing Kasady, and the movie would set the stage for Carnage to come in the picture in Venom 2.

Certainly, Harrelson was later authenticated to be recurring his character in the sequel, with Andy Serkis producing from a screenplay by Venom co-writer Kelly Marcel.

Hardy Explained The First Image Of Kasady

Only a day following Hardy explained the first image of Kasady in Venom 2, some leaked clip gives a tease of the figure going whole Carnage.

A social media user VenomIsComing has shared a clip from the Venom 2 set presenting Harrelson shooting a spectacle for the sequel – one that, by the look of it, will affect Kasady unleashing his symbiote match.

The clip presents Kasady standing alongside his vehicle and being held at gunpoint by what seems to be a national agent, who immediately moves to open fire.

Assessing by his comfortable body language and unique hand gestures, the spectacle will involve Harrelson’s role using his symbiote to both receive the shots and finally hit the agent, with the Carnage influences being joined in post-production.

However, the trailer for the first Venom avoided sharing any of the movie’s symbiote CGI outcomes, it’s a clear bet Sony will neglect renewing that blunder by giving a glance at Carnage in the first review for Venom 2.

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