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Here’s The Complete Ending For Netflix’s The Platform Explained For You

The Complete Ending Of The Platform!!!

Every time Netflix gets the digital distribution rights to a movie in a foreign language that suddenly speaks to the American public, like in 2017, Veronica from Spain told viewers As they preached, they said they could barely finish. The occupation came out of fear. The American public seems to have had no trouble finishing the Spanish dystopian thriller The Platform, but their point is to wrap their heads in the end.

The conclusion, a term I use lightly, can be considered an appropriate last moment for director Galz Gazaltu-Urrutia’s feature film debut, if not for the lingering questions that leave him unanswered. And what it does even to the end. There is certainly a lot to the story behind The Platform, set entirely in a dystopian prison with an endless series of two-man cells stacked on top of each other, leaving for interpretation. It occurs, but one of the most pressing cases represents the metaphor, except in the cases at the end of the film, and what we must believe is reality.

What does a Pitt representative do?

The pit, the aforementioned prison, in which the platform is established, is a society that uses a fairly effective system of rules, in which once a day, the title platform descends from above, stopping at each level for two minutes. It is, and at an indefinite point, not even a single piece left, to leave starving sinister people underneath or resort to more desperate measures.

However, this concept suggests that following the rules results in ascension, but month after month there is no indication to what level prisoners in The Pit can go up or down, no matter what they do. If we have to accept that the Platform is a socio-economic metaphor, which is the most likely topic, then the message is that capitalism is not a favourite and one can easily prosper because they never fail.

What is the Goreng representative?

We see the Platform through the eyes of Goreng, a man who voluntarily enters the well for a total of six months in hopes of earning a college degree and breaking his smoking habit, one of which even once.

Each of the characters is important in Goreng’s development, but it is Imoguiri’s suggestion that the prison is actually an experiment of “spontaneous solidarity”. There are indications of this decision throughout history: for example, each prisoner is allowed to carry an object with him, The Pit and Goreng Miguel de Servante choose a copy of Don Quixote, a classic socioeconomic commentary.

The Platform leaves us with a decidedly bittersweet “conclusion”, amid an aggressively sombre tone that we would have seen if you read it that way. The film is not interested in providing a clear result for Goreng’s sacrifice, but, as a possible assumption of the film’s overall rebellious message, it leaves you with a long-absent sense of hope. Munch handles a serious but powerful indictment of the dog-eat-dog mentality of the capitalist system through a unique concept that never fails to thrill.

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