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Here Are The 10 Ways In Which Star Wars Could Proceed After The Rise Of Skywalker

With the release of The Rise Of Skywalker, it marks the end not only of the sequel trilogy but of the entire Skywalker story. The Star Wars franchise is the world’s largest and was unlike any other cultural phenomenon from its first movie in 1977 to today.

Since Disney in charge, the material is put out at an incredible rate, with many arriving in the future of Star Wars. But to continue the series, which has been a franchise for over 40 years, is a difficult decision, and Disney has got to complete a task.

#1. The Old Republic

The fans cried out for it. It is an untapped resource in canon and a unique way that Disney and Lucasfilm should progress in the Old Republic with Star Wars.

#2. Focus On The Sith

To date, no Star Wars film focussed on the villain. The history of Skywalker is the story of Anakin and Luke, not Vaders. Star Wars and Disney now have to focus on the well-known Sith lords of centuries.

#3. Dawn Of The Jedi

On the flip side, the origins and growth of the Jedi are a concept that was not immersed in. The best-known group in all Star Wars, the guardians of peace and justice, the defense of democracy and the Republic, but where has the order come from?

#4. Moving Away From The Force Users

Building this idea in a broader and more general sense is the right way for Star Wars to continue making films and make them fresh. Not to say that a new trilogy should not appear, but it should be far from the main focus.

#5. Delve Into The Force

The Force is the bond between the world and every living thing. By tiny living creatures called Midichlorians, little is understood of it, but the Force would be a fascinating vehicle for discovering Star Wars.

#6. Criminal Underworld

The criminal base that exists throughout the galaxy is charming and has a lot of potentials. The Mandalorians and other odd pieces have explored it, but much more is needed, and everything would make a fantastic clock, read or play.

#7. Giving Characters The Other Chance

It may not be too useful for anyone to rush into a new trilogy quickly. The company can think of specific characters and give them their own stories in Disney+ exclusive movies, or even theaters run in one or two years. A multitude of styles deserve their accounts on the screen, and that can be the way and the time.

#8. Filling The Gaps

Something that Star Wars should do with the Skywalker saga fills all the holes. There is a lot of canon about people’s exploits between, before and after films, but more.

#9. Producing More Non-Movie Content

Disney has no point in making a new film next year or so. What would be great for the franchise and the fandom and the right direction in the next few years would be to focus on the production of quality non-film content like comics, novels, and video games.

#10. Focusing On TV Shows

This is something Star Wars seems to be aiming for. There is plenty of TV content here and there with The Mandalorian, the Obi-Wan show, the Cassian show, and Clone Wars season 7.

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