Godzilla Vs Kong: Official Trailer Release Date And Other Details

Adam Wingard’s Godzilla Vs Kong has been waiting to release in the theaters since March this year. Due to the COVID 19, the film’s release date has been pushed many times. When will the film finally release in the theaters?

When Will Godzilla Vs Kong Release In The Theaters?

After getting pushed to November 2024, Godzilla Vs Kong has got a new release date. The film is set to release on May 21 next year. The film has been a victim of the coronavirus pandemic.

When Will The Official Trailer Of Godzilla Vs Kong Release?

As Godzilla Vs Kong was to release in March this year, a teaser trailer of the upcoming film was released in January ahead of the release of the film. But as the release date was postponed, the official trailer of the film was not launched. With the film’s release date being pushed to May next year, the official trailer of the film can be expected sometime in March or April next year, a few weeks before the release of the film.

What Is The Premise Of The Film?

Godzilla Vs Kong is a monster film. The film takes the King Kong franchise further. The monsters are inhabiting the planet. Humanity is fighting for its future. The monarch is close to unearthing the clues that show the origins of Titans. Humans are conspiring. Their plan will wipe the planet of both the good and bad creatures. Amongst this, Godzilla and Kong will collide. The battle between the two powerful forces will be spectacular.

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The Cast Of Godzilla Vs Kong

  • Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård will be seen as a geologist. He works in close proximity to Kong. He is thrown into a dangerous situation but he is not equipped to handle it.
  • Millie Bobby Brown will be seen as Madison Russell. Madison is the daughter of Emma and Mark. She will embark on a journey to decide whom she will side in the battle.
  • Kyle Chandler will be seen as Mark Russell. He is an expert anthrozoologist.

Other cast members include Rebecca Hall, Zhang Ziyi, Lance Reddick, and Jessica Henwick.

Godzilla Vs. Kong' Gets A Grimly Ironic (But Ideal) New Release Date


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