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Godzilla Vs Kong: Every Detail At One Place

Godzilla Vs Kong will be as showcase colossal as the monster verse is already hyped and fans are ready for the epic battle. However, the film will feature a massive destruction and collateral damage which will be a treat to the eyeballs.

So let’s get with every detail regarding the release of Godzilla vs Kong.

PG-13 Rating

However, the flicks getting rated for their adult content and such but if there will be massive destruction on the cards then the measures should be taken. Godzilla vs Kong will officially have a PG-13 rating mainly because of intense sequences in the flick. Adam Wingard confirms the speculation through his Instagram handle.

Release Date

it is pretty obvious that existing projects are getting delayed due to Coronavirus outbreak and makers have to cope with it. The same case with Godzilla Vs King as the strings of release date modification continues. Finally, the release date of the flick is November,20,2020. This could not be a confirmed release date as the flick could be pushed more further, so take it as an expected release date.


Flicks Like Godzilla vs Kong will especially require the best background score for its brawl sequences. Junkie XL will be the specialist behind the sound works of the flick and the Dutch Composers are highly in demand nowadays.

Junkie XL is famous for his projects like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Mad Max: Fury, Divergent, Alita Battle Angel, Terminator’s Dark Fate, etc. So the choices made by the makers could not be doubtful and they will surely live up to the expectations.


Unfortunately within some months of the release, there is no trace of the trailer yet. It is shocking that there are just speculations around the flick and not any other details regarding the flick. Trailer is very indispensable at the moment as it will least give ideas about the flick.

Expected Plot

The plot of Godzilla vs Kong is pretty simple and the monster verse will showcase the epic battle between the King of monsters Godzilla and King Kong. However, it’s still not clear how they will engage themselves in a battle?

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