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Florida Mother And Her Two Adult Kids Arrested For Assaulting Their Disabled Relatives

Police in Florida captured a mother and her two grown-up youngsters Monday, over two months after their seriously handicapped relative’s body was purportedly found in the forested areas.

Orange County police criminally charged Gladys Ambert’s auntie and cousins, Nellie Ambert, 55, Jasmine Ambert, 32, and Christian Matias, 18, regarding her demise. Gladys Ambert — who had cerebral paralysis, and was hard of hearing, quiet, and had the psychological limit of a 5-year-old — was discovered dead April 7 under a pink cover on Valencia College Lane, as per WFTV.

Law implementation sources supposedly said

The relatives announced 27-year-old Gladys Ambert missing, saying they accepted she had fled from home. Police said they directed an hours-in length search which turned up nothing before a security watch discovered Gladys Ambert’s body close to the family’s loft.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sergeant Joe Cavelli said

Gladys Ambert’s body had different checks on it from being bound with line or rope. The killed lady apparently additionally had a cut on her lip and wounds all over her body.

As per the Orlando Sentinel, a post-mortem examination affirmed Gladys Ambert kicked the bucket of “asphyxia by restriction pressure to the mid-region” due to being tied up. While her auntie and two cousins at first kept up that they accepted she had fled, they supposedly confessed to discovering her lethargic while tied up in a restroom on April 6.

Police said

Gladys Ambert’s mom surrendered her when she was a kid. Her fatherly grandma, who lived in New York, thought about her until her demise in July. A while later, she went to live with her auntie and two cousins.

Investigators allegedly accept the impaired lady was bound and beaten each day from October 2019 until her demise in April. They likewise affirmed she was bound to the point that she peed and pooped on herself.

Nellie Ambert, 55, apparently got about $700 every month to think about Gladys Ambert. During their meetings with police, Nellie Ambert and her two youngsters purportedly communicated dissatisfaction at how much consideration the incapacitated lady required.

“They disposed of her like a bit of rubbish,” Cavelli remarked.


Nellie Ambert was accused of first-degree murder, disturbing homicide, bothered maltreatment of an impaired individual, disregard, and maltreatment of a crippled individual. Jasmine Ambert was accused of disregard and maltreatment of a debilitated individual, while Matias was accused of manufacturing proof and giving bogus data to an official exploring a missing individual.

Cavelli said each of the three suspects could deal with extra indictments as their examination proceeds.

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