EVERY Keto Subscription Box In 2024 Reviewed | Our Top Pick

We’ve all been sucked in by that sales pitch from a well-meaning friend of a friend about how you should be eating keto. It’s an easy sell: you get better health, weight loss, fast energy, and a slimmer waistline. You’ll be hearing that pitch more and more as the mainstream health community becomes more and more interested in putting the keto diet into their diagnostic toolbox.

You know that new health trend, the keto diet. Now, aside from being a great diet to help lose weight, it’s also great for your health in so many ways. While it’s certainly not for everyone, it’s been proven that the keto diet can help with a variety of issues. This is great news, especially for those who are looking to lose weight, feel better, increase their energy, or even for those who are looking for a way to cure or prevent cancer. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the keto diet and how to get started.

We’ve reviewed every Keto subscription box that started in 2018 and got to our top picks! We’ve tried a variety of boxes for different needs, preferences, tastes and budgets.

You don’t need expensive store-bought snacks, specialized meals, or packaged items to maintain a keto diet. But, let’s face it, these features may make eating a diet more pleasant – and a diet rich in diversity and delicious foods is frequently easier to stick to. That’s what makes keto snack packs so appealing. We know how to pick the finest keto subscription box since we’re huge lovers of nutritious food.


We’ve put up a list of our top 5 personal choices for discovering the finest keto subscription boxes, along with pros and drawbacks.

What is the best keto subscription box?

Keto Krate is a ketogenic diet. has the highest overall score.

2. The Keto Packet is the location.

If you don’t have time to go through each box’s entire assessment, know that two stand out above the others. The two major choices are Keto Krate and The Keto Box, with Keto Krate being somewhat better.

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These boxes include almost twice as many snacks as the other choices and provide you with new and unusual foods that you won’t find in shops. There’s no need to select other boxes since they’re obviously less expensive and of worse quality.


List of Keto Foods (FREE PRINTABLE)

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Keto Krate vs. Keto Box

Finally, these are by far the two greatest keto snack box choices. While they are comparable in terms of quality and price, Keto Krate outperforms them in every aspect. You get more snacks, more bang for your buck, and unique keto-friendly snack choices unavailable in shops.

We’ll keep an eye on both Keto Box and Keto Krate’s quality, but at the time of writing, Keto Krate is clearly the winner.

What’s the deal with keto subscription boxes?

A subscription box is a service in which you pay a monthly fee and get a bag of snacks (or, in the case of keto subscription boxes, a variety of nutritious, keto-friendly snacks) in return.

They’re also kind of like a monthly mystery box. Who doesn’t like getting mail?

Depending on the business, choosing a longer membership may save you money (e.g. buying three months in advance instead of paying a monthly subscription).

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Because you don’t always get to select the contents of your subscription box, each month’s gift may be a pleasant surprise!

A large number of items are also gluten-free.

You don’t have to worry about the snacks and meals in the kit deteriorating in transportation since they’re constantly maintained on the shelf. Yes, they’re always low-carb and keto-friendly, yet they may be very rich in calories.

Here are some examples of what a keto diet subscription box could include:

  • Bars
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Chocolate
  • Pastry
  • Sweets
  • Cookies
  • Herbs
  • Beef sticks/dried meat as a source of protein
  • cheese that is not wet
  • Nuts
  • Muesli/Granola
  • alcoholic beverages (packaged mixes or bottled drinks)
  • Pigskins
  • Herbs
  • Herbs

Samples of low-carb, ketosis-friendly snacks and meals are often available, but occasionally a whole pack is available.

What makes signature boxes so appealing to keto dieters?

You may be asking why you’d pay someone to give you a package of ketones when you can simply pick and select what you want. This is a fair point, however you should think about the advantages of a ketogenic diet first. Their popularity may be attributed to a variety of factors.

Before you purchase, test it out.

Samples are typically included in signature boxes, allowing you to test a variety of different low-carb, ketosis-friendly meals and snacks each month without having to commit to a complete purchase.

What makes you think this is a good thing? Let’s face it: On a keto diet, packaged goods may be costly, since there are no inexpensive carbohydrate fillers to keep prices down.

It’s preferable to have a half-eaten protein bar than a full box of protein bars.

Make your keto diet more enjoyable.

It’s easy to become stuck on any diet, keto or otherwise. And we all know how difficult it is to stick to a diet when it gets monotonous.

You may have never purchased a pack of Cheese Whizzes before, but after receiving a sample in your keto snack box, they’ve become your new favorite table snack.

You may not have realized you could eat such tasty cookies on the keto diet – say goodbye to the bakery down the street!

Or maybe you just look forward to something fresh and interesting arriving on your doorstep each month.

Subscribing to keto boxes, in any case, may be a wonderful way to keep in contact while sticking to a low-carb diet.

Creating guidelines for keto treats

Self-control isn’t something everyone has. For some individuals, it’s easier to resist temptations by establishing black-and-white rules surrounding pleasures like chocolate, particularly if the aim is to lose weight.

A monthly subscription box may be a smart option if you want to minimize the quantity of processed keto goodies you consume. Rather of having an internal debate every time you see keto goodies at the grocery store, just remember that your monthly supply is on its way – so you can wait, right?

A monthly subscription box may cover your snacks for the whole month if you nibble once or twice a week.

Putting money aside

A monthly subscription box may seem to be a needless waste of money on food, but it may really save you money.

Consider this: how many times have you bought a whole box of new keto snacks only to discover that you dislike them?

Or did you pay the same amount for delivery as one item?

You get a varied box of snacks every month at a cheaper price and generally free delivery when you sign up for a membership!

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Believe us when we say that we’ve done the math. Almost often, subscription boxes are less expensive than purchasing similar goods individually. It’s all about the money!

5 Keto Subscription Boxes to Try

Right now, you’re definitely fantasizing about getting your hands on the finest keto subscription boxes, but which ones are the best? You may choose one box over the other since they are not all the same.

The following are the characteristics of an excellent low-carb snack box, in our opinion:

  • You won’t find these ketone-friendly foods in shops.
  • A nice balance of tastes and textures.
  • You probably haven’t tested (or seen) any new goods yet.
  • To avoid double the price, products that are distinct from another box in the same month.
  • And, of course, it’s a fantastic value for money.

Examine the top keto subscription boxes to discover what they have to offer and choose the one that is right for you.

Bowl of sugar

The Sugar Smart Box is intended for Type II diabetics, but it is also (mostly) appropriate for those on a low-carbohydrate keto diet. It’s more of a low-carb approach than a pure keto approach, but it may inspire you to explore healthier items that aren’t labeled as keto.

What’s included: Each month, you’ll get 7+ sweet and savory snacks with less than 5g of sugar per serving.


Delivery is free of charge.

$30 for one month, $86.85 for three months, and $167.70 for six months

Conclusion: A decent selection of nutritious morning foods, including granola, cookies, bars, and jerky. Ingredients like maltitol and fiber, IMO, are being sought for safety reasons. Many of the items may be purchased in shops or are the same as those included in other boxes from the same month.

3 out of 10 rating

Take a look at the Sugar Smart package!

My Keto Snack Container

My Keto Snack Box includes nutritious snacks that you can have every day without feeling bad about – think substantial, protein-rich snacks like nuts and cheese, with a few beverages and sweets thrown in for good measure.


8-12+ sweet and savory snacks per serving with less than 5g of carbs


Delivery is free of charge.

$38 for one month, $114 for three months, $222 for six months, or $432 for a year.

Conclusion: It’s a wonderful method to stock up on supplies and break the 3 p.m. office stalemate, but it may not be the greatest deal when compared to the cost of the items themselves. Some of the most unusual meals are not ones we would choose to eat.


5.5 out of 10 rating

Try out my keto snack package!

The Keto Box

The Keto Box is a low-carb snack box featuring a balanced mix of sweet and savory foods that live true to the keto name.


What’s inside: A free 28-day meal plan, with 10+ keto-approved snacks, the majority of which have fewer than 5 grams of net carbohydrates per serving.


Delivery is free of charge.

Cost: $40 for one month, $114 for three months, or $216 for six months.

Conclusion: The Keto Box includes a wide range of keto goodies, including pork rinds, sauces, pastries, and bars. While he makes an effort to offer fresh keto snacks, certain items (such as coffee or salt) seem to be filler. We’d want something to eat!


7 out of 10 rating

Take a look at the Keto Box!

Effortless machining

Sleek Treat combines a range of keto-friendly items into a compact container, despite its appearance. To save money, they also provide mini-cases with fewer snacks and less packing, and they may accommodate your dietary requirements by providing healthier alternatives (e.g. gluten-free) upon request.

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In a brand box, there are 7-9 snacks, and in a small box, there are 3-5 snacks.


Delivery: For brand boxes, it’s free, however for small boxes, it’s about $19+.

Brand package costs $34.99 for one month, $99.99 for three months, $178.50 for six months, and $336 for a year. Mini-Box: $34.97 for three months

Conclusion: This package promises and provides low-sugar treats in the form of pastries, candies, chocolates, and cookies. However, this unusual salty snack made us feel a bit self-conscious. We didn’t notice many items that we hadn’t seen before, and the overall value for money didn’t seem to be the greatest. We’re certain, though, that we’d eat just about any low-carb snack we received – which is more than can be said for a keto subscription box.

3.5/10 for evaluation

Sleek Treat is a must-try!

Keto Krate

Keto Krate is correct when he claims it’s always low-carb. This business has been in the keto subscription box game for a while, and their keto-friendly products have definitely improved over time.


Included are 11 or more snacks with no more than 5 grams of net carbohydrates per serving.


Delivery is free of charge.

The monthly fee is $39.99.

Conclusion: Keto Krate has put up a great selection of snack choices, and there are many to choose from. There’s a nice mix of sweet and savory tastes, as well as a variety of sizes (from whole bags and jars to samples) and occasionally several flavors, so you’re sure to discover your favorite. While the shop has a wide variety of goods, we like that they often add more costly items and expose us to unique treats that we would not otherwise explore.


9 out of 10 rating

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What is the best keto subscription box?

So, which of these five choices do you think is the best? The greatest keto product package, in our view, is – drum roll please – Keto Krate!

For starters, Keto Krate earns a lot of points just for the name. However, in terms of what you receive, this is a box that is continuously delivering new, high-quality keto items at an affordable price. Every month, we look forward to taking Keto Krate.

Are you looking for additional keto delivery options? Check out our comprehensive evaluation of all keto meal delivery alternatives to save another trip to the supermarket!

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There’s no shortage of diet plans out there. Every year, more and more are popping up. But those that work? Those tend to stick around. The Keto diet is one such diet. It promises to melt fat and help you achieve ketosis, which is a state of being in which your body burns fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. Other diets offer similar results, but Keto is the most popular. Read more about the keto box reviews and let us know what you think.

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