Culinary Uses and Application of Cream Chargers & Whippers

A vast majority of people has no clue about various culinary uses and application of cream chargers and whippers, even though they might be enjoying treats that would either be hard or even impossible to make without them. Thus, read the following lines and learn something new that could help you enhance your creativity in the kitchen.

Cream Whippers

The main purpose of a cream whipper is to produce whipped cream, which would be impossible if there were not for cream chargers and their carefully sealed content. Namely, the chargers contain nitrous oxide, a psychoactive substance that also interacts with fatty liquids. The amount of compressed N2O contained within a charger is enough for a half-liter of liquid since it pressurizes the bottle to the extent that the ingredients you put inside merge.

In a nutshell, you can give special properties to anything that can fit inside a cream whipper, but we should emphasize that sometimes it is better not to experiment with flavors, but listen to what the pros have to say.


Whipped Cream

The cream whippers were initially designed for whipping cream as quickly and easily as possible. Even though cream whippers are mostly used by catering facilities, some households cannot function without them, since they deliver much more than their name suggests.

When whipped cream is in question, let’s just say that one’s limitations are defined by their imagination, since you can add any flavor that you find suitable and mix it with cream. The next thing you should do is seal the whipper and enjoy the products of your work. Feel free to experiment with colors and flavors until you come up with something amazing, and make sure you consult Mr. Nang about where to look when you run out of cream chargers.

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Delicious Foam

When you put a specific liquid in the whipper and treat it with a charger it will change its characteristics due to exposure to high pressure. The more you keep the liquid inside, the stronger the merging effect should be.

Now, we advise you to try something a vast majority would consider unusual, even though the method has similarities with the first-mentioned application of cream chargers and whippers. Namely, all you have to do is replace the cream with egg whites and replicate the process using taste modifiers.

Even though the egg whites will react similarly to cream when pressurized, it will give you a chance to experiment, since they taste neutral. Besides that, the texture of the foam surpasses the quality of the cream, even though it is gentler and less consistent.



You can eat a dish on its own, or drink a glass of whatever regardless of whether you pair it with a dish, but true gourmets know you should not separate one from another if you aim for true pleasure. Now, chefs around the world are aware of that, so they often use different alcoholic beverages to refine certain dishes.

A tool without which numerous masterpieces of kitchen work would never see the light of the day is the cream whipper. What is even more interesting is that you can change the taste of any base alcohol almost instantly by adding specific herbs, flavors, and spices to the mixture, and treating it with N2O.

Is your inspiration triggered yet? If not, feel free to try everything we have talked about in the lines above on your own. Just remember that owning a cream whipper is equal to having a key to a dimension reserved for shapes and flavors.

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