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Escape Room 2: The Horror Movie Sequel Shifted To Release In 2024

2019’s Escape Room came as a surprise to the audience, and well, we will not deny the wonders that the movie did in theaters, we are all set for Escape Room sequel to be released in 2024.

Fans were skeptical about how the movie will turn out to be to everyone’s surprise Escape Room was beyond what we could imagine, this horror movie was led on by a new concept which a little tricky at the beginning, but fans quite enjoyed it.

We see characters being shut in various rooms where they are bound to solve puzzles in order to save their life, and fans were quite impressed by the construction of the rooms and how wonderfully they portrayed they sketch of the movie.


Within less than two months of Escape Room’s release Sony was set to announce a sequel for the movie, we have Adam Robitel returning as the director of the film.

The movie was initially slated to be released on April 17, 2024, a few months later the film was pushed back to December 30, 2024 fans were thrilled that the movie would get a Christmas release, but Sony has again pushed back the release of the film to January 1, 2024, we hope that this is the last update. We can endeavor into the thriller adventure of Escape Room in 2024.


Here is a list of cast members we may see in Escape Room 2.

  • Zoey Davis by Taylor Russell
  • Ben Miller by Logan Miller
  • Isabelle Fuhrman
  • Holland Roden
  • Thomas Cocquerel
  • Indya Moore
  • Carlito Olivero


Sony has not yet released a plot story for Escape Room 2. However, in the first installation, we say Zoey and Ben survived the game; they are on a quest to find out more about the origins of the game the story may pick up from where it left.


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