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Cheetah’s Look In Wonder Woman 1984 Revealed!

Wonder Woman 1984 is on the flicks, which got delayed, and we will have to wait for more for the antagonist look. But we have a surprise for you and finally, have a hint of how the antagonist Cheetah could look like in the movie.


As it is already reported that Cheetah will be the mighty villain for the sequel of Wonder Woman, and her look is still not out yet. But sometimes a leak is all we need to make assumptions which could be correct on some account.

First, we have a promo art that made sure that Cheetah will be in the lineup for the bad woman in the flick.

But the thing was missing- the exact look of the character which is still highly doubtful. Production yet to confirm the official look of Wiig’s Cheetah, but we have to just depend on calculative assumptions.

Costume Leak

Halloween Costume gives the fans to consider the look for Cheetah and how could she look like in the theatres later.

Wonder Woman
Source: Screen Rant

More About Wonder Woman

Release Date

Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to release yesterday, but Nature had another plan for some movies and projects. Coronavirus acted as a potential barrier comprises of delaying some heavy projects. Wonder Woman 1984 is also on the list, and now the flick will release in theaters on August,14,2020 if everything goes in the favor of makers.