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Upload Season 2: What Could We Expect From Its Storyline?

Upload is the best show by far this fall and it deals with such elements that obviously make you wonder what the hell just happened? Upload comprises of wonders of technology that enables the afterlife in a digital way. People died and they will live virtually and there are several upload centers according to your bank possession.

The initial season was much more of a rollercoaster ride and fans are already rooting for the sequel. So let’s get along with the details of the sequel and the most suitable expected plotline of the show.

Renewal Status

Upload Season 2 is already confirmed by Amazon Prime Studios and the show officially greenlit after the initial season. Jennifer Salke, the studio head of Amazon Prime was very happy after giving Upload another go.

Upload Season 2: Cancelled At Amazon Prime? Or Renewed

Source: The Buzz Paper

Release Date 

The primary season was released in May and now judging the current scenarios, it’s difficult for the show tor return in May next fall. So there might be a delay in its release and the show could defying the odds and will release in its projected schedule.


  • Nathan (Robbie Amell) 

  • Nora (Andy Allo)

  • Ingrid (Allegra Edwards)

  • Oliver (Barclay Hope)

  • Zainab Johnson as Aleesha

  • Kevin Bigley as Luke

  • Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Jamie

  • Chris Williams as Nora’s father, Dave

  • Andrea Rosen as Nora’s boss Lucy

  • Jessica Tuck as Nathan’s mother, Viv

  • William B Davis as Lake View resident David Chok

  • Chloe Coleman as Nathan’s niece Nevaeh

  • Rhys Slack as Dylan

Expected Storyline 

Now the most interesting part for the post as the storyline is getting more hype after its first season. However, there will be more drama and the story could amaze us even more. So here are the possibilities of sequel season.

Nathan and Nora

Nathan and Nora getting well gelled in the first season and we could more to their love angles. However, Nathan wasted every bit of data in saving her and now Ingrid shocked him with her upload. We are concluding that it must be a prank by Ingrid to let Nathan opting for a premium class.

Murder Mystery

Nathan’s murder Mystery could be discovered in next season and unlocking every secret regarding his project will be a treat to watch.

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