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Candyman: A New Haunted Teaser Released For The Upcoming Horror Movie

The brand new haunted trailer of the upcoming movie Candyman has been shared by its director Nia DaCosta.

Dacosta wrote the video on Twitter in the caption: “Whiteman, at the crossroads of white violence and black pain, is about martyrs who are not willing to be martyrs. They were the people who were the symbols that changed us.

Many real-life moments of racism has been appeared in the trailer by exploring the behind story of the movie Candyman in 1992 played by Tony Todd. At the crossroads of white violence and black pain, “Candyman” deals with involuntary martyrs. “We replaced the people we were iconic with, the demons we have,” Dacosta said on Twitter.

DaCosta scoffed that his work will also be featured in the next movie.

The synopsis of the film here, according to Universal: a decade after the end of the Cabrini Tower, today, visual artist Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Matin II) and his girlfriend, Brianna Cartwright Gallery (Teona Paris), They were shot down. About to halt Anthony’s painting career, a chance encounter with Cabrini Green veteran (Colman Domingo) reveals to Anthony the tragic and horrible nature of the true story behind Candyman.

The new teaser “Candyman” was released several months after the trailer for the next movie was released. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the release of the movie has been re-planed else it was going to be premiered in June.

Lan Cooper, Vin Rosenfeld, and Jordan Peel are the producer of the movie. Rosenfeld, Peel, and Dacosta also wrote the script. “Candyman” will serve as Peel’s third horror outing, following his work as a director on the critically acclaimed “Get Out” and “Us” movies, which helped bring “Key and Peel” comedian and mastermind to the forefront of the film industry.

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