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Black Panther 2: This X-Men Character Might Feature In The Movie

The premiere of “Black Panther 2” is scheduled for May 6, 2024. Now we have to study the X-Men course and the Fantastic Four at Marvel Studios MCU. It is all reasonable to understand that they are led by an important X-Men character with whom Wakanda has a subtle but interesting connection.

Black Panther 2' Rumored To Feature Major MCU Character Debut
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Wolverine will feature in Black Panter 2:

Yes, we’re talking about Wolverine. How exactly would he consider the problems? According to sources, who told us that Han to return to Fast & Furious 9 and Ahsoka Tano will make his live debut in Mandalorian – his connection to the country is Adamantium’s skeleton. 616 In Marvel’s world, Adamantium is a naturally occurring alloy that is virtually unbreakable and covered with Wolverine’s claws and bones. And what elements have traditionally been an important part of Adamantium? Wakandan Vibranium.

This could mean that Wolverine, who is still recovering from “Weapon X”, is taken along and tries to find out what happened to him. If he knew that his skeleton had melted in a metal vibrator, it would be logical for him to look for Wakandan science to understand his new condition. The mutant behaves like Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier, who also went to Wakanda to recover from bad experiments with his mind and body.

Wolverine might grab the attention of the audiences:

When that happens – it’s only being discussed now – I couldn’t think it was a big part of the film, because Wolverine’s appearance inevitably draws attention to T’Calla’s story. It is most likely a comedy or credit scene that the protagonist could envy for his scientific advice.

Whether or not this happens in Black Panther 2, you can bet there are conversations going on to find the best way to get Wolverine. The pressure is on Marvel Studios, who should see an actor who can perform a beautiful piece that Hugh Jackman has been performing for nearly two decades.

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