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Bird Box 2: Release Date And Development Scenario

We are exactly dealing with the same situation as the characters of Bird Box felt two years. Confined to our homes as the deadly virus is ready to take over our bodies. In the case of Bird Box, some creatures tore you apart if you haven’t covered your eyes. The story will likely to move forward as the sequel is getting more speculations after sudden rumors sparked about it.

We will provide you every single detail about the sequel of the flick and debunked every possible rumor about the potential sequel.

Bird Box 2

Bird Box’s sequel is in more speculations after its writer Josh Malerman asserted some facts about the sequel. He claimed that there will be a sequel for sure and currently he is working on its script.

Will there be a Bird Box sequel?
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The production of the sequel is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it will likely commence after the restrictions put to ease. However, the project is seriously considered by both Netflix and filmmakers, so the sequel is just more than a rumor currently. Production phases will take more time than usual as the crew has to determine all the favorable conditions to go ahead with the filming process.

Expected Release Date

Due to delays in the production phases, it is apparent that the sequel will not land on its desired schedule. But the matter of fact is that there was no projected release date proposed by the filmmakers. So what’s left is assumptions regarding its release date and we could only assume an estimated release date for the flick.

However, we are rooting for a 2024 release as the next fall will be pretty busy with production phases. So the flick could only land in 2024 and Netflix didn’t hold any further plans for the flick.


Currently, there is no trailer for the sequel as these types of sections dependent upon filming sessions.

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