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Avatar 2: Will It Be Able a To Break Avengers Endgame’s Box Office Records

Avatar 2 star Stephen Lang hopes the film will break the world box office record for Avengers: Endgame. For nearly a decade, the original Avatar was ranked as the highest-grossing movie of all time, at $ 2.79 billion worldwide during this incredible run. He held the record until the end of the game last summer and finished with $ 2.797 billion.

James Cameron Says Avengers Endgame's Box Office Figures Gives Him ...


Obviously, ticket price inflation played a big role in this, but it was impressive to see that the end of the game accomplished this feat. Rather than being teased about being hit on the charts, James Cameron hoped that the endgame game would mean Avatar 2 could be a resounding success in itself.

Avatar was predicted to fail but broke the record!!

When the long-awaited sequel hits theaters next December, it will be interesting to see how it works. Much has been done because of the avatar’s lack of cultural footprint, leading some to wonder how much demand there is for Pandora’s return trip. At the same time, people have already made the mistake of doubting Cameron twice (Titanic and Avatar were predicted to fail but broke the record), so far the Oscar-winning filmmaker has benefited from the suspicion. As far as Lang is concerned, Avatar 2 is completely hungry.

The first Avatar set a new record for a combination of filling a gap in the market (2009 was an interesting time without many mega franchises) and heralded a new era of 3D cinema. Due to those factors, Avatar was a cinematic event and you should have strong legs riding at the top of the charts. It goes without saying that the Hollywood landscape has changed considerably in the past decade, as 3D has lost much of its appeal and many high-profile ticketing properties.

It may be hard for Cameron to pay $ 2 billion again!!

Only four MCU movies and three DCEU movies will be released in 2024, including Black Adam. So Avatar 2 is about to face box office star, Dwayne Johnson. As the Star Wars / Jumanji showdown recently showed, both Avatar 2 and Black Adam are likely to have enough room next winter, but it may be hard for Cameron to pay $ 2 billion again.

This is highly unusual for a sequel to a box office hit that breaks its predecessor’s record. Endgame was able to beat the Infinity War, but it’s a rare exception that was released under irreversible circumstances (marking the culmination of this generation’s defining film franchise). Cameron is undoubtedly giving Avatar 2 everything and wants to push the limits of technology once again, but $ 2.7 billion remains a difficult task for any movie, no matter how popular the director or brand is.

No Right now, his latest developments in selling the Avatar experience can only go so far. Remember, Avatar was something new in 2009 that people were eager to see for themselves. But now, viewers know what an avatar is, and it didn’t resonate with the general public like Star Wars, Marvel, or DC. The original Avatar may have a better chance to claim it through his crown (relaunch) than Avatar 2.

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