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#Alive: Find Out All The Latest Details Known About The Sequel

Fans love watching Korean shows and movies, and Netflix ensures that there are enough Korean shows and movies to stream on the stage. The highly awaited film #Alive came recently on the streaming program Netflix. The movie is amazing to watch, and fans are now waiting for the second part of the movie.

Will There Be A Sequel

Hit Zombie film #Alive proceeded to turn into a major film industry success back in South Korea, and Netflix streamed it as of late as a worldwide release. The film has been increasingly positive from fans because of its offbeat interpretation of the entire zombie fear. So the second part will happen for sure.

Alive' Review: From Great Graphics, to Graphic - The New York Times
Source: The New York Times

About The Movie

The film rules more in the grisly forlornness and sadness that the hero, Joon-charm faces while self-secluding in isolation with no needful pleasantries or contact with the external world. Later Joon-charm understands that he isn’t the just one in that circumstance

While the film has delivered on Netflix only a couple of days back, we puzzle over whether a sequel film is on the cards or not! While the first film finishing is really plain as day; however, it left behind a chance for another part to happen. It is still too soon as the makers or the cast individuals have not revealed anything about it.

Why There Should Be A Sequel For The Movie

Also, while the vast majority of the well-known zombie film has gotten back with another sequel, we are not yet secure with this one as the producers are yet to make any such declarations. In any case, fans might truly want to realize what occurs for oneself confining stage, and is there another story thereafter?

The second film can focus on the pair after being saved by the military exactly when they lost all expectations! With the two finally surviving the zombie attack, what’s next for them?  The second part may have the appropriate response; fans want to see the result of the attack.

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