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28 Months Later Movie: Know What’s The Expected Release Date And Cast Details

28 Months Later. The most famous zombie apocalypse movie is now in planning again. Previously it was clear that the threequel, 28 months later, would soon be screened. In fact, fans will once again salute the zombie world.

So, Here’s Every Updates You All Should Know About The Movie

28 Months Later is a Threequel movie of the 2002s movie 28 Days Later. The film was directed by Danny Boyle while Alex Garland was the writer. Now he is even more mesmerized as he reflects the ideal scenario of the current situation. The virus was accidentally released into the environment. At first it was neglected by all the classes, but then they focused on serious side effects. Also, we see Murphy, Harris, Burns and Gleeson fighting for survival.

The sequel of the movie 28 Days Later named 28 Weeks Later, arrived in 2007. We see that the movie begins with several survivors in a room. But they are eventually killed by all the infected people. Only Jacob survives the entire group.

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28 Months Later: Is The Movie In Process Or Not?

We saw Alex Garland talking about the threequel in 2018. However, a year later, Boyle confirmed that they are both working on the idea for the film. He tells that they both have a wonderful idea after the 28 Months Later Movie. The original movie made a slight resurgence in zombie drama, and there was no reference to any of that. It doesn’t feel stale at all. However, there are no further updates on the making of the film. The producers are definitely giving you an idea, and it will come soon.

28 Months Later: Cast Updates For The Movie

Will Hannah be in the cast once again? We haven’t seen it in any other movie since the original movie released in 2002. Also, the final part of the movie was not a direct sequel. For example, they did not have the same faces as before. We can also see new faces in the treeque of the movie. However, Selena will likely catch up with Jim and Hannah as well.

28 Months Later: What’s The Release Date?

The production of the movie is in process. Alex Garland and Boyle will certainly bring up some exciting stories. Fans will have to wait long enough to hear a little more about the production. Until then, stay updated with us in this space.

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