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Wonder Woman 1984: Has A Release Date Been Revealed After Coronavirus Caused Delay?

A lot of movies and web shows have greatly been affected because of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID- 19 pandemics. A number of them were to be released by mid-summer 2024 but unfortunately have been delayed to an uncertain future date.

Final Release Date of Wonder Woman 1984

One of such movie to get affected by it is the DC’s superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984. It is the second innings to the Wonder Woman franchise which was all set get released in June 2024 and a trailer too had come up, leading to immense curiosity and excitement among the fans.

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But now it had been postponed and we have got a new launch date for the movie. It would be released on August 12, 2024, hopefully, if the pandemic doesn’t continue to remain till that period. Unlike, where a lot of makers and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had decided to release a lot of their films on the digital platform.

DC remains adamant to launch the upcoming flick only on theatres. So even the film is pushed back further from August release also, then also the makers would launch it only on the big screens, whatever the date may be.

Storyline Of Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman, being a female lead movie had been a tremendous success across the globe and no doubt why a second part had to come up. Although it cannot be stated as a sequel since the plot would apparently be different and not be related much to the former movie.

Trailer Of Wonder Woman 1984

The trailer provides to you with almost all the basic questions which arouse in our minds about the characters and the plot. So what are you waiting for? Catch it for yourself till we bring back to you more updates to it.