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What If Iron Man Wasn’t Dead, What Would Be The Scene, THEORY

Tony Stark, in reality, dead? For all the suffering secrets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is a question Avengers: Endgame seemed to answer authoritatively in its sad and teary finale. That is to say. We saw the person’s headstone.

It doesn’t get substantially more decisive than that. But people over on the Reddit/FanTheories people group aren’t persuaded. In any event, not in the manner in which you’d anticipate.

Death Of Tony Stark’s Reveals Something Explain?

Tony Stark’s passing feels like a valid, pivotal turning point for the MCU. And keeping in mind that there are bits of gossip about Robert Downey Jr. showing up in some limit in Black Widow, there doesn’t appear as though quite a bit of an opportunity for the famous Iron Man entertainer to restore at any point shortly. But, there’s a void abandoned where Iron Man used to be. Somebody needs to take up his mantle.

About Iron Man 

The 2015 Ironheart funnies, as the post clarifies, have a storyline about Stark support himself up in the cloud, should he ever kick the can. “A gadget is containing the A.I. Obvious was delivered to Riri Williams, a youngster wonder who had grabbed Stark’s eye so that the A.I. could fill in as a coach to her.

What We Must Know

The brilliant shades worn by Robert Downey Jr. all through the Avengers adventure ended up being an exceptionally significant plot point in the Spider-Man spin-off film, as they were offered to Peter Parker by Stark himself, should anything ever happen to him.

Though Far From Home followed Peter’s excursion to acknowledge the obligation of turning into the following Iron Man, we never fully got the opportunity to see an A.I. adaptation of Tony Stark.

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