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Uncharted: Mark Wahlberg Compares The Script With Indian Jones

Uncharted: Mark Wahlberg Compares The Script With Indian Jones

Many fans are worried about Indiana Jones. Even Harrison Ford is expected to return next summer for the franchise, but there have been concerns about all the changes behind the scenes, most recently with Steven Spielberg, who is no longer directing the film. Besides, the 2008 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not the most reliable homecoming for Indy. But Sony is making a film adaptation of the popular video game starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg next spring, and it may be that Indy fans are watching without the iconic Fedora and Whip.

How in Uncharted related to  Indian Jones?

So, Uncharted is all about a treasure hunter who is named as Nathan Drake and who travels around the world to discover historical mysteries. So yes, he is a modern Indiana Jones. The film has also gone through its shared failures. Mark Wahlberg was attached for so long that he would play Nathan Drake for months, but now he would be his mentor Sully.

It looks like Mark Wahlberg digs the Uncharted script! His words follow Tom Holland, who described him as one of the best texts he has read so far. The month begins with Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali of Grey’s Anatomy, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Tati Gabrielle, who have been chosen in undisclosed roles.

Interestingly, Mark Wahlberg highlighted Uncharted as a real movie, in the sense that the 48-year-old actor has been on a load of impressive projects throughout his career, including The Italian Job, Martin Scorsese the Departed, two including Guns and Mile 22. What makes Uncharted different? The script impressed the actor, and we are eager to see how the video game adaptation will take place next March.

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