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Tiger King Season 2: Jeff Lowe Assures He’s Not Returning!

Tiger King villain Jeff Lowe jokes about not being in season 2.

There is unlikely to be a season 2 of the Netflix dinner series, even though it has become necessary to watch since he left the service. broadcast earlier this year. The quarantine of coroners has undoubtedly led a large audience for the show, as self-segregated people (including famous people like Kardashian, Dax Shepard, and Dwayne Johnson) seek to overcome boredom with binge-able programming options.

Thanks to that large captive audience of Tiger King

Many of the figures in the series have become instant celebrities, the most prominent of them being Tiger King, also known as Joe Exotic (his real name is Joe Maldonado-Passage). If Joe is the “hero” of the Exotic Tiger King (currently in prison, his actions were obviously not particularly heroic), then the show’s two main villains should be Carole Beskin, the woman who killed the Exotic. Wanted Y Lowe, the Las Vegas figure who got off the train after he took over the Oklahoma big cat sanctuary on the rail. Surprisingly, both Baskin and Lowe have spoken out against the way they are portrayed in the series, as did Doctor Antle, the show’s third “villain”.

No one wants to be the villain in the Tiger King story, so it’s no surprise that Lowe has hinted that he doesn’t want any part of the series’ fictional second season. In a bizarre April Fools video post (via BW Carlin), Lowe tells people to “watch season 2,” despite insisting that he and his wife, Lauren, who is also on the clip, It will not be there.

It’s hard to say how serious Loew’s video really is, as he speaks quietly about the coronavirus financial crisis and talks about how capitalism is soon defeated by the world’s united workers. It would, but Lowe’s very precapitalist behavior is a sure bet that he hasn’t become a Marxist and is actually pretending to be humorous. He’s trying

One thing that is really funny about Lowe is his crush on Tiger King in any season 2

As he was portrayed as a scam artist who made an arrest in an attempt to run his zoo. For which the exotic is installed. In fact, the only person who seems genuinely happy about his portrayal on the show is Exotic, but it’s not easy to have him in any subsequent series, as he’s currently in jail after being convicted on multiple charges. The drama that made Tiger King so successful is rich enough to make a sequel, but it’s not at all certain that Netflix will be able to reunite season 2, which is the series and its many scandalous ones. It is the result of accusations.

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