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Tom Payne Is Set To Play The Role Of Wolverine

Tom Payne is prepared to bet on a significant part of himself. The actor had proven to be a wise man in the past, having left The Walking Dead, when he had overloaded his AMC series too much to have enough screen time, which led to the creation of his now-famous Prodigal Son show.

Tom Payne Is Ready To Play Wolverine

Payne’s acting skills were fully shown on his Fox series as the detective son of a serial killer, but he is already playing another important part. The former Walking Dead star is more than happy to play as one of the most famous and well-known characters of the X-Men.

In the past, Payne expressed his affinity with Wolverine’s idea to play in a Marvel movie, a role once described by Hugh Jackman. Jackman’s physical structure, however, clocks him more than 6 feet high, though Payne is a little below that point. This puts him more in line with the character’s comic story.

Wolverine’s Physical Appearance

“But I think I could be Wolverine more suitable for height,” said Payne in an interview. “I don’t know what it’s like. I don’t think I’m a smaller guy, but there is a prodigal son episode where I wake up in my underwear, and, you can see, I can put beef on! I certainly can do that. Hugh Jackman, so tall and heavy he’s had to overeat, it’s like Chris Hemsworth. You’ve got so much to eat, and you have to put so much money to buy.”

Actors Finding Their Place

If the physicality is in order, Payne could turn on the brood and give Logan a rugged but sweet look, which would undoubtedly keep himself separate from Jackman’s character. It will be an imposing task for whoever eventually gets the job at last.

Although it only seems a matter of time before all the great actors find their place in the worlds of Marvel or DC, Payne admits he’s interested in another property when it comes to life. I’d love to be a part of another house, Payne said. “I am a big fan of Highlander. I got a script for the new film. I don’t know if in the next few years Chad Stahelski, who is going to direct the movie, will come in, but it’s a great series too.”

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