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Three Arrested For Murder Of A Florida Man

An ex-blue films star is booked along with 3 others in connection to the murder of a man

The former adult movie star is one of three people arrested for the murder of a man whose remains were found in a shallow grave in Florida this week, nearly two months after his disappearance.

The suspects are identified as:

Jeremy Odell Peters, 43 years old; William Shane Parker, age 35; and his girlfriend, Lauren Kay Wembles, 23, are accused of the death of 51-year-old Raoul Ambris Guillen.

Like Aubrey Gold, Wembles has starred in over 30 films. All of the films were shot between 2015 and 2018 and are mainly available through online subscription services. Wambles’ adult movie database page lists 65 credits, with over 26 million views on PornHub.

An unidentified woman claimed that Parker assaulted her

The case began when a woman from Jackson County, Florida claimed in May that she was molested by Parker. Two months later, while the case was still under investigation, the same woman told detectives that she believed her roommate, Guillen, had been killed but had no evidence.

Jackson County MPs are affiliated with Houston County, Alabama, lawmakers investigating Gillen’s disappearance. Sometime later, investigators discovered proves that Guillen was killed and buried in nearby Holmes County.

Investigators discovered that Guillen was murdered and decomposed in a Shallow grave

Investigators learned that Gillen’s last known location was at Peters’ home in Graceville, less than a mile from Holmes County in Jackson County. It was believed that he was there with all three suspects. Investigators carried out search warrants at Peters’ home and another nearby house, finding evidence of Guillen’s death in both locations. Then, with the help of dead dogs from another Florida county, investigators found Gillen’s body in a shallow grave in northeast Holmes County, north of Graceville.

Charges for the crime

All three suspects have been indicted in Holmes County, Tate said, but only Peters, accused of complicity after committing a crime and mistreating a dead body, is in prison. Parker, accused of murder, is in Jackson County Jail awaiting extradition, and Wembles, charged with involvement in the murder, is in Houston County Jail in Dothan, Alabama, awaiting extradition.

Tate said the investigation is still ongoing and there may be more arrests.

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