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The Simpsons Star Got His Vocal Cords Insured! But Why?

Hank has one of the most famous voices in the world.

He voices various characters in “The Simpsons,” including Moe, Police Chief Wiggum, and Comic Book Guy. Speaking to Conan O’Brien this week, Hank revealed that he was secured from his vocal cords after an incident that sidelined him.

“My voice comes out easily, so I’ll have to see it,” he said during a virtual appearance. I blew my voice everywhere, and it didn’t come back for about two weeks. I was so scared that Got Your Voice.

Hank has voiced the characters in “The Simpsons” since 1989 and has won four Emmy Awards for his voice-over work on the animated show.

“Income I am lucky to bring ‘The Simpsons’.”If I couldn’t make a sound, a lot of money would be goodbye.”

The actor said his favorite voice is that of Karmaduzer bartender Moe

Who used to play Apu but chimed in after a controversy over the character earlier this year, portraying mainly South Asians as stereotypes. It had to do with white actors. The theme was brought up in the 2017 documentary “The Problem with Apu”.

He told the film in January:

“We all know that I am not going to express more, as long as there is no way to do it or anything else.” “What they are going to do with the character is his calling. It is up to them and they have not yet resolved it. I am not going to express what we have agreed to now.” He added: “We all decided together. We all agreed on this. We all feel that this is the right and the good thing.”

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