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Sex Education: George Robinson, The Disabled Actor Who Plays The Most Hated Character

Netflix’s Sex Education second season has officially hit our screens, and with the coming of a new season comes new characters and the actors or actress that portray them.

One New Character Is Isaac Played By George Robinson

One such new character is Isaac, played by the actor George Robinson. Issac is a new resident at Maeve’s caravan park, who is positive to create some trouble. While little is known about his role at this stage, we do understand that he may have a crush on Maeve, which will possibly cause some issues between her and Otis. Isaac also has a brother in season 2 of the show, who, if he is anything similar to Isaac, then it is sure to create some drama.

Robinson Is In Wheelchair After A Spinal Injury

Like his character in season 2, Isaac, George Robinson, is also in a wheelchair after sustaining a spinal injury while playing rugby in 2015.
George Robinson was on a school rugby trip in South Africa in 2015 when the incident occurred. George Robinson spends 37 days in a South African hospital. Then he further stayed five weeks in Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. After that, Robinson then moved to the Princess Royal Spinal Unit in Sheffield. According to Instagram, George Robinson did not return home until about a year later in July 2016.
However, George Robinson’s resilience and determination to overcome his unfortunate hardships are evident in his separate Instagram page, in which he and his family are trying to raise funds to support not just George Robinson, but for charities that help others as well.

High-Profile English Celebrities And Sports Stars Show Support

High-profile English celebrities and sports personnel such as David Beckham, English cricketers Alistair Cook and Joe Root, and politician Sir John Major, have all been noticed wearing the merchandise to show their support for his cause and charity.
Sex Education is George Robinson’s first significant acting role, but we are sure it would not be his last. According to sources, he put his studies on pause at Birmingham University to perform in the show.
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