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NASA Astronauts Prepare For A Test Fly In A Capsule For Their Next Mission

The NASA’s astronaut Norm Knight has started his career in the space station during the 90s with the space shuttle who impressed the engineering marvel that launched like a rocket and further hauled space station parts like a truck and then landed like a glider.

Last time when the space shuttle Atlantis touched down during the year 2011, Knight was on Houston’s mission which controls the team that is overseeing its landing. Later after nine years, he gave a helping hand to liftoff where the two space stations will resume astronaut launches from Florida.

But now, the vehicle will be reminiscent of the compact Apollo capsule that inspires the younger generation rather than the massive shuttle that will nurture his career. He now announced that he is excited about the SpaceX launch.

NASA has spent many years working on the SpaceX to develop vehicles that could ferry astronauts to the ISS. Additionally, the government agency will provide funding and expertise but huge companies have designed the spacecraft that they own and operate in its place and the space station will buy the seat as a customer does.

Compact capsules will be easier and faster to design than building the bulky shuttle orbiter which is around 122 feet long with an about 75-foot wingspan. Additionally, the capsule is placed on the top of the rocket instead of the sideways will help to keep the astronauts safe.

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