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The Lovebirds: Here’s The Detailed Review Of Kumail Nanjiani’s Rom-Com Film

We all love to watch rom-com movies where the guy meets the girl and then there’s just everlasting love wig hour in between! However, let’s just say this film is not your average romantic movie.

Don’t Forget To Watch The Unconventional Love Story, The Lovebirds. Here’s What We Know.

The new romantic film titled The Lovebirds starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae revolves around a pair who at first are any other newly bonded couple very much in love which the only disrupts with time and the two is bickering at all times.

Kumail Nanjiani And Issa Rae Are Garnering Enough Attention As The Odd Couple.

However, the two people bickerings are not the catch of the film, the film takes an unexpected turn when while quarreling their car hit a bicycle messenger who rolls off the hood and gets back onto his bike only to push his way into the car and takes the driver’s seat! If you haven’t already seen the trailer, take a quick look at it now!