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Justin Bieber Refuses To Molestation Accusations And He Will Take Legal Action

Here is what Justin Bieber has to say about false accusations on him!

Well, well, well, accusations are very common but here we have our favorite pop star, Justin Bieber, getting accused of such allegations. There is a woman on twitter who made a post back on the 20th of June. She claims that this incident happened back at a hotel situated in Austin, Texas. The date was exactly the 9th of March 2014.

But we know that Justin Bieber is not going to stay quiet on this matter for a long time and as if now, he has been clapping back. The “As Long As You Love Me” singer has denied all the accusations placed on him and also plans to put up some legal action regarding this issue.

Justin has provided the whole social media with the truth of him that night and here is what it is!

This woman, who made certain molestation accusations on Justin Bieber on Twitter said that her body was out of consciousness and she does not want to give in the details about what happened next to her. But later on Sunday, that is, the 21st of June, when this news might have reached to Justin, he started denying all of it and even gave the entire social media platforms, the witnesses and proofs of his innocence.

The ‘Love Yourself’ singer writes on the platform that he does not generally give any heed to such things because he has been dealing with a lot of these random ones for his entire career but after he had a talk with his wife and the whole crew, he has decided to speak up on this particular issue.

Justin says he was with Selena Gomez that night and did not molest anybody!

Justin made sure to pin everything he could to prove that he actually never stayed at the hotel. He added every link, every email, every news article, along with every screenshot and receipt details with his statement. He announced that he stayed up at Airbnb the night after that at the Westin.

Justin say that, as her story was narrated, he did go and surprise a crowd in Austin Texas at SXSW where he appeared on the stage with his former assistant and sang a few songs. He also happened to take his previous girlfriend, Selena Gomez, at that place.

Here are the proofs that Justin gave to the media.

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