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The Last Of Us: When Fans Can Get The New TV Series On Their Screens

Now its been a trend of adaptation, like most of the series and shows have been adapted from novels and movies are adapted by games. We have reported on an upcoming movie, The Last Of Us, adapted by the game of the same name.

One of the most popular computer game is getting made into a show at the streamaing program HBO Max and well wear completely snared on this undertaking, The Last Of Us game features a post-apocalyptic world, and that is the thing that the upcoming show will spin around.

Lets talk about more about the upcoming show The Last Of Us.

Know When Will It Going To Release

The upcoming project was reported in March 2023, so thinking about that, the show will take around 2 years to be done and out. Considering the current circumstance with production being required to be postponed we trust that the upcoming series doesn’t face any delay in its work.

The Last of Us HBO TV series: Everything we know so far | GamesRadar+
Source: Games Radar

We have Craig Mazin and game chief Neil Druckmann who will fill in as makers of the upcoming show, Craig is very energized and excited about this change. As indicated by him, the second aspect of the game will be out soon, and fans have to wait for the release of the upcoming show.

What We Know About Its Casting

While casting of the show has not yet been declared we, can hear many reports that the characters for Joel and Ellie will be played by Hugh Jackman and Maisie Williams, individually.

Other characters that will be found in the new series directly from the game are Riley who is Ellie’s companion and love intrigue, Tess who is Joel’s partner, Marlene who is the Leader of the Fireflies, Maria who is Joel’s sister-in-law.

Have you played this game? Is it that interesting, I know the story of the game is amazing that’s why it is being adapted for a movie. We will update all the latest news whenever the official report it about the show

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