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The Batman: Every Villain That Will Possibly Show Up In The Movie

Batman has come a long way since Adam West dropped a large bomb into the Gotham River. Now, it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn to play the role of Capital Crusader, and we’ve had a surprising look at the DC movie, which director Matt Reeves made about a quarter of The Batman before he stopped producing at early this year. It was accepted to be filmed.

Here is the list of villains that will likely be featured in the movie.

Rumor: The Ben Affleck Batman Movie Villain Roster Will Be Huge
Source: Slashfilm


The last time we saw Selina Kyle, or Catwoman, on the big screen was 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. According to the modern interpretation of the character, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman was not a villain, but rather an anti-hero.

Max Shreck:

Although not a familiar Batman villain, Christopher Wallan’s Max Shreck certainly had a plan worthy of DC Comics. The arrogant industrialist had built a power plant that steals electricity from Gotham City instead of providing it. With the monopoly on power, Shreck would have effectively controlled Gotham.

The Penguin:

It’s been a long time since we last saw Oswald Cobblepot, that is, the penguin, portrayed in a live-action movie, in which Danny DeVito animated the character in 1992’s Batman Returns.


As with Penguin, it’s been a long time since we last saw The Riddler in a live action movie, and Jim Carrey’s version of Edward Nyagma was an extremely comical take on the character.


Jack Napier started out as a street criminal and is already leading a criminal life when Jack Napier’s Batman deal began in 1989. After making a deceptive mistake by sleeping with the boss’s wife, Napier is the target of a murder spree and falls. in a vat of chemicals after an altercation with Batman.

Two faces:

After Batman chooses to save her rather than her lover, Rachel Dawes, Harvey Dent becomes a scowling two-faced man and teams up with the Joker who supposedly blames him. Anyone who believes responsible for Rachel’s death hits the landmarks of Dent, who embraces a new form of “fair” justice: a coin toss.

Poison Ivy:

Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s most famous enemies, so it’s hard to believe that he hasn’t been seen in the Batman movie since Uma Thurman played the roles of Batman and Robin. The character has appeared often in the DC animated universe, most recently on the Harley Quinn series, but his return to the big screen ended long ago.


Tom Hardy’s Bane is infinitely better than the version seen in Batman & Robin, even with indecent gambling, divisive ending twists, and a ridiculously easy kill. Basically, Bane is carrying out Talia Al Gulal’s orders, having been her protector since she was a child.

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