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Swamp Thing: Possibilities of Revival And Much More

The superhero horror series Swamp Thing made its debut DC Universe last year, but the series was canceled just after ten episodes. But, now there are rumors that DC is again planning on creating a series on the canceled superhero horror series. Here is everything we know about the possibility of the revival of the superhero horror series Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing: Is A Revival Of The Canceled Series On The Cards?

Swamp Things was canceled by DC Universe soon after it was launched on the network. The fans and followers of the superhero horror series were disappointed due to the sudden cancelation of the series. There is a piece of good news for the fans of Swamp Thing. There are rumors that DC is planning on reviving its canceled series for HBO Max. It seems that HBO Max is throwing a lifeline to the canceled series, Swamp Thing. In recent times HBO Max has decided to revive to a few of previously canceled series. There are high possibilities that Swamp Thing will be revived by HBO Max for its platform.

DC Universe's 'Swamp Thing' Is Coming To The Content-Starved CW


Swamp Thing: What Is The Premise Of The Superhero Horror Series?

Swamp Thing is based on the character from DC Comics. The series follows Abby Arcane, who has recently returned to her home in Marais, Louisiana. She is in Louisiana to investigate a deadly virus that is borne in the swamp. While investigating the case, she meets a scientist Alec Holland. Alec Holland is a disgraced scientist. He suddenly dies. After Alec’s unexpected death, Abby starts to investigate further into the mystery of the swamp. But, as the mystery thickens, it is revealed that Alec might not be dead after all. A mysterious creature claims that he is Alec Holland.

Swamp Thing: When Will The Revived Series Arrive On HBO Max?

If the superhero horror series gets revived by HBO Max, then the fans and followers of Swamp Thing will have to wait till the end of next year or earlier 2023 to watch the series. The network will not be able to work on the revived series immediately due to the current global situation.

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