3 Underrated Scott Cooper Movies You Need To Watch

There are times when certain actors simply end up being to our liking either through a well-played role in a bigger movie or by certain charm they give off. In these cases, their repertoire seems tempting to fully explore, assuming the same amount of quality from it. However, the truth of the matter is that everybody has their bad movies and while it’s easy finding the best ones of their career some gems will often be overlooked. Nowhere is this truer than with Scott Cooper. An actor and director who has been in movies since 1999. His directing career has been decently prolific with hits like Crazy Heart (2009) and Hostiles (2017). However, it still seems to have a hidden gem in it despite its currently small catalog. While movies don’t have Scott Cooper Miami Beach partying for some light hearted fun they do possess a really great mix of drama and other genres. The acting career has some less known movies one should watch as well, ones that we will present to you below.

1. Water Under the Bridge


First up is a very good drama with Scott Cooper in the main role. Water Under the Bridge sees its main character Jack O’Connor, played by Scott Cooper, facing ghosts of his past by returning home to find out what happened the night he saw his father wielding a shotgun with the corpse of his best friend resting near him. The role of the father is played by Tommy Hinkley who has a decently packed backlog of movies himself and Craig Sheffer, known for A River Runs Through It, playing Marco. Both do a decent job of their roles which can easily be said of all actors involved. The roles of Catherine and Jackie O’Connor, played by Gabrielle Anwar and Theresa Russel respectively, add a lot of additional threads to this movie that allows it to diverge from a simple mystery drama flick. The movie balances out its initial mystery with some exceptional character interactions that space out the revelation just well enough yet have enough steam to create their own stories.

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2. For Sale by Owner

In a more horror-oriented category, we have For Sale by Owner. With Scott Cooper playing Will Curtis, a newly married man who has just purchased a new property with his wife. While everything seems fine at first the couple soon realizes this place has haunting secrets to the husband’s past. To top it off it’s also tied to the lost colony of Roanoke. The movie delves into some very interesting mystery aspects and while it may be a bit hard to follow at times delivers a decently engaging story with some scares on the side.

3. Black Mass


As a treat, we are looking into one of Scott Cooper’s directing engagements. This is a movie that may oftentimes be overlooked for his other directorial works and is quite different from the usual tone Cooper’s movies offer. This time around we have a movie based on the true story of James “Whitey” Bulger, a brother of a state senator and an infamous violent criminal. Bulger is played by Johnny Depp who is unrecognizable in this role, both due to the exceptional make-up team and his exquisite acting. The movie focuses on Bulger working with the FBI so he can take down the Mafia family invading his home turf. The plot unravels neatly, with enough reinforcement to Whitey Bulger’s legacy yet distinct enough flow of the plot that the pacing is never bogged down by such scenes. The movie is very much worth a watch especially if you like crime movies.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane