How Do You Stop Mold From Growing Back – 2024 Guide

Mold is not something we want in our home, but sometimes, regardless of how much effort we place to prevent or get rid of it, it somehow still grows back. Now, there is no need to despair, as there are many things you can do and many ways to deal with mold and stop it from growing back.

Open the windows

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One of the simplest tips on how to prevent the mold from growing back is to open the windows in the home whenever possible. It will allow the air to circulate freely and dry all the wet surfaces, and we all know that wet surfaces represent a great environment for mold growth. Doing so is also recommended for many other reasons, as ventilating provides that much-needed fresh air into our homes. Keep in mind that it is never too hot or too cold to open a window and allow fresh air to enter the room. It means that you can do this even during hot summer days or freezing winter ones, as overall, it will be of much help for dealing with many issues, and mold is high on that list.

During the summer heat, you can open it in the evening, while during the winter, it is better to open it earlier and leave enough time to warm up the room before entering it. Besides preventing mold growth, ventilating the home has even more health benefits as it can destroy different viruses and ease the life of people prone to allergies. Sun rays are also a great weapon against viruses, and by ventilating every room in your house, you will also get a virus-free environment. Because of all these reasons, it is something that should be done even if there is no fear of this annoying problem.

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Check the gutters


As we have already mentioned, mold cannot exist without moisture, and sometimes we can have it in our homes without even realizing it. Moisture can be hidden in our walls without obvious signs, and it can be pretty challenging to notice and get rid of it without the appearance of the mold. One of the most common reasons are clogged gutters, but most people do not even remember to check them before proceeding to more expensive procedures. Needless to say how this could be a big problem, especially for those who travel a lot, as they are not at home as much. Furthermore, the only way to effectively deal with any problem is to get to the source of that problem and fix it, as every other action will just be a non-permanent thing that might provide good results now, but after a while, the same problem will occur.

Instead of inspecting outside the home, these people spend a little fortune trying to get rid of the mold without solving the biggest issue which causes this problem. Checking the gutters and unclogging them if necessary can save you a lot of money and prevent many problems they can cause, which can be even bigger than mold appearance. Fix any possible leaks, and make sure to use mold-killing products, as these products are probably one of the best weapons you have against mold, and mould cleaners should be something every home has.

Clean the carpets regularly

Source: Treehugger / Christian Yonkers

Carpets are one of the main decorations in most homes because of many reasons. They keep our feet warm and feel so cozy when we walk over them, but they can also change the appearance of the whole space and make it look much warmer. Although carpets are an indispensable part of the decoration of every house, it is not enough just to choose the best design and colors and put them in the room since they need to be properly cleaned or they can do more harm than good.

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People often spill some liquid over them, and if they do not clean it properly, the carpet will remain wet for some time, which is perfect for mold growth. The main problem is that it is not easy to clean them when the time passes, so it is necessary to react in time and clean and dry them as soon as possible. Furthermore, regular cleaning of the carpet is simply a must even if you haven’t spilled any liquids on it because they can easily gather so much dust, bacteria, and germs, which is why washing and drying them on a regular basis should be something of a must.

Be careful with watering plants


Almost every house owner has at least one plant they love and care for, which enhances their living space. Sometimes they are surrounded by plants, and sometimes they keep one because it is a gift from a special person in their lives, but having a plant in a home means more wet areas and a perfect environment for mold to grow. Of course, it is not a solution to get rid of your favorite plants or leave them outside as most of them cannot survive the outdoor conditions, but it is necessary to be careful when watering them. The simpler yet complicated solution is to learn how much water they need and avoid watering them more than needed. It is the simplest solution for people who are not new to keeping plants but can be pretty complicated for those who do that for the first time. Another solution is adding a Taheebo tea to the water, whose oil is a great ally in the fight against mold.

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Don’t forget about the humidity

Source: Treehugger / Christian Yonkers

Places with high humidity are perfect for so many things that can have a bad effect on our overall well-being, and if there is high humidity in your home, well, it is an ideal environment for mold to grow back. The goal here is to keep humidity as low as possible throughout the day, and that percentage that you should go for is around 50%, as everything higher than that will just encourage mold to grow back. Furthermore, you should know that humidity changes during the day, meaning that you should often check it and adjust the dehumidifier or air conditioner accordingly.

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