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4 Signs You Need a Firmer Mattress

When you lay down after a long day, you definitely enjoy the softness of your bed, it relaxes you and makes you fall asleep faster. However, if it is too soft, you might cause more problems than good things, and you will need to find a replacement to that bed with a firmer option.

Sometimes, it may be hard for you to notice whether your mattress is too soft then it should be but there are signs that show you that directly. If you recognize some of them while reading this, make sure that you find a replacement quickly so you can save yourself from problems with your musculoskeletal system, but also problems with falling asleep and similar things.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the signs that show you that you need a firmer mattress, whether that means that the one you have is already worn out, or is it just too soft for your needs.

1. You suffer from pain in your back in the morning


One of the first indicators that show that you need to get yourself a firmer bed is that you wake up with pain in your back, especially in the lower parts. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in the morning but after a prolonged time of staying in your bed. This happens because you sleep like in a hole, where you have no stability and your posture is messed up.

In case you are sleeping with your stomach down and you have pain in the morning around the neck and the upper portion of your spine, it is another indicator that your bad is too soft, or just worn out. This happens because you are sleeping on a rougher surface, and specific parts of your back are prone to more pressure than others. Fortunately though, firmer mattresses such as the Saatva Classic alleviate that problem entirely.

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2. Not being able to find your position quickly

If you are not able to find your position quickly when trying to fall asleep, that means that your mattress became too soft, and it does not hold your body properly. If you cannot feel relaxed before your resting time, you will not fall asleep and you will not be ready for your next day. You are getting this feeling because your muscles compensate for the position you are in, and they are not relaxed which is important for you to be able to get to sleep.

3. If you are not able to stand up from your bed easily


Because of the fact that your bed has become too soft, you can’t just stand up because while you are using your muscles to stand up, the softness absorbs your force and you have trouble with that. In case your mattress is just worn out, it is like a hole, so the work that you have to do is bigger than when laying down on a new, or a firmer mattress.

4. Getting a sensation like you are sinking in

If you happen to get the feeling like you are sinking more than you should, it is because your mattress has become too soft, or you have damaged the bottom portion of it that is meant to offer the stability that your body needs.

You don’t have to wait for all of these signs to show up, if you have one or two, plus it passed a long time after replacing your last mattress, it is a time for a new, firmer one.

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Klara O'Doherty

Written by Klara O'Doherty