How to Win at Online Baccarat Consistently – 2024 Guide

Gambling is a great way to achieve the thrilling sensations we constantly pursue. With various games in 755m, it can be hard not to be entertained and enjoy your gaming sessions. However, not many games offer high winning chances as Baccarat does.

Like in any other game, there are two key elements involved in getting a victory. Firstly, we have luck and it is a factor that cannot be impacted. The second element is strategy. This is something that needs to be learned along the way, and it significantly increases your winning chances.

To help you become consistently victorious in Baccarat, we created this article. In addition, we included a couple of tips that will surely help you to come up with better decisions and win more bets.

Learn the game


Before you begin playing, you must learn the game. For that reason, getting to know the rules is the first thing that needs to be assessed. You need to understand how the game functions, and all the possible scenarios regarding it.

You have to decide whether you bet on the gamer, the bank, or go for the tie. This does not mean that you are against the gaming institution but the possible outcomes of the situation on the table.

In short, every person receives two cards, and the one closer to number nine wins. In case they have the same number, the game is a draw.

Another important thing to understand is that statistically, the dealer has a slight upper hand. For that reason, there is a fee that you need to pay if you back the dealer. This is created to make the game more balanced, so make sure you calculate the fee whenever playing.

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If you need an example, you can try the online games where you play with imaginary finances. In addition, these free games can be used to master your strategies and become a better Baccarat player.

Sign up for a betting place


After you learn how the game functions, you should focus on finding a great betting place. Every gambling institution has different odds and offers different bonuses. That is highly important in such games as suggested by, and you need to be sure that you find a place that offers a fair game.

Finding such a place is not so hard. All you need to do is research on the internet and look at the reviews of these online sites. The one site that has the best comments, and whose players are mainly satisfied, is the one that should be your final choice.

If you have a dilemma, try out the websites with free sign-up tokens to determine which site deserves your time. In addition, see the offers they have for your favorite games and get to know the payment options.

Find a strategy

The internet is flooded with many possible winning strategies. However, they don’t always come true. For that reason, you need to filter them out and try only the ones that have logic behind them. You first need to see the odds that these three choices offer.

As mentioned above, the dealer has a slight advantage that is compensated by an additional expense to create a balance. However, placing your finances on the player is not a bad thing.

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The usual difference between these two options is around a percent which you may think is not such a big deal. However, to become a consistent winner every percent is important.

Choose the banker


Every player has this unwritten rule in their mind thinking that the dealer is always the winner. Although that is not always the case, in Baccarat this is surely true.

If you are not using a specific playing method, your best option is playing on the dealer. That way, you use the slight advantage to come up with better chances of winning. This might seem boring since you are only following one bet, but to achieve winning consistency, that is the right method.

Consider using systems

Although we indicated that playing on the dealer is a better choice, the player should not be forgotten. Especially in playing systems, having a five percent fee is not nice. For that reason, you should centralize your game around the player’s side.

Progressing strategies are popular in many games. However, in Baccarat they are highly effective. For example, when you win a round, you double up your stakes for the next bet. That way, you progress to earn bigger prizes and stay on top of the game.

Another progressing playing method is based on the losses. Since they will surely happen, you need to be prepared to address them properly. Whenever a loss happens, you should increase your stakes in the next round. In case you come up at a loss again, you increase that amount as well until you reach a win. That way, you ensure playing without risks.

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However, the loss-based progressing strategy has a downside. There can be a threshold that prevents you from further betting. That can lead to significant losses. Luckily, that rarely happens, so the progressive systems are generally the safest playing methods.

Besides these two, there are many more playing methods that you can explore. Before you use them in an actual game, make sure you test them out on free round games.

Do not play on a tie


Lastly, prevent wasting your finances by hoping on a draw. The chances for a draw are less than ten percent, and that is not something you want to stand on. For that reason, do not consider the tie as an option and stick to the methods from above.


After all these playstyles, the most important thing is to have fun. Play only when you are being cheery and focus on success. In addition, always create playing budgets so you can control your spending better. Be responsible and enjoy your time while consistently winning on Baccarat.

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