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Star Bruce Campbell Revealed New Title And Other Updates For The Upcoming Evil Dead Film

Bruce Campbell has announced that Lee Cronin will direct and write the new film, “Evil Dead Now.”

Cronin, who directed his first film “The Hole in the Ground” last year, is picked by the original trilogy Director, Sam Raimi.

Bruce lee Campbell made a STATEMENT, “We are on the phone with Lee Cronin, who is directing and writing the next ‘Evil Dead”. It’s called “Evil Dead Now”. Sam jumped: He made a cool movie called ‘The Hole in the Ground’. “We’ll get that fool out of practice soon

The actor who turned 61 this year, had announced his retirement from the main character as Ash Williams in Evil Dead (2018)

Campbell also said that from now on, you have to stand alone, which is right and liberating. You can have different heroes and heroines in this case.

Campbell said in a STATEMENT, “We just want to keep the series running. And the mantra is that our heroes and heroines are normal people. This is what we are going to continue”. The horror series have begun in 1981 with “Evil Dead”, the highest-grossing movie of the year, followed by 2 sequels: “Evil Dead II” (1987) and “Army of Darkness” (1992).

Campbell and Raimi made their careers with the original trilogy, which ranged from the terror of the forest cabin to comedy and medieval rampage. A new version of the original 2013 film by Fede Alvarez and the spin-off series Showtime Ash v/s Evil Dead was released. Evil Dead was the movie that brought Campbell back in the role of a chainsaw monster hunter. Ash Williams ends three-season career in 2018 after 23 years

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