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Simon Kinberg Opened Up About How To Bring X-Men To The MCU

Director Simon Kinberg is all ready to direct X-Men for the Marvel Studious and he has some great ideas as well, X-Men movies have been doing really well being apart from the Marvel studio, however, last years deal between Disney and Fox will return X-Men franchise to Marvel Studios.

With the return of X-Men to Marvel Studious, we will be seeing upcoming new movies but when that is highly unclear, last years Dark Phoenix was a great success and the coming up The New Mutants will be the last movies under Fox, so the coming years could bring about good news for the franchise and MCU.

Simon Kinberg Calls X-MEN: APOCALYPSE an "Extinction Level Event ...
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Almost a year after the release of Dark Phoenix Simon is back discussing the future of X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix was Simon’s directorial debut but the movie certainly did not perform the way audience had hoped, Simon has spent years with Fox working on the X-Men franchise and he has no shown great interest in coming up with X-Men movies for MCU.

Simon said ‘I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to Logan and Deadpool and the X-Men and would love to do a fresh take‘.

Here is a tweet that proves that Simon will be willing to take up new opportunities with MCU.

As fans, we would love to give Simon a second chance at directing X-Men movies, we are sure that he will do a great job along with the producers of Marvel Studious, fans are waiting to hear more news about the upcoming future of the X-Men franchise.

Fans are also excited for the upcoming The New Mutants so get ready for another adventure, that is all we have for today, we will keep fans updated on the latest news about the X-Men franchise until then continue reading with us.

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