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3 Bodies Found As Of Now In Idaho’s Ski Area’s Avalanche Disaster


A third skier killed in an avalanche was discovered in an Idaho ski area on Thursday, officials said.

“Silver Mountain confirms with a heavy heart that the last known avalanche skier has been restored,” Silver Mountain said on Thursday. It noted that there are no more people missing.

Total Deaths And People Missing After The Avalanche

Two other people were killed at the Wardner Peak area of the Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, the northern part of the state, during Tuesday’s avalanche. On Tuesday, five others were rescued when officials thought that all the skiers were accounted for.

But a new search was launched on Wednesday after relatives reported that they had not heard of a skier in the neighborhood.

The body identity found on Thursday was not revealed immediately.

The Shoshone County Sheriff’s office on Thursday identified the two persons previously retrieved from the Spokane Valley, Washington, as Carl William Dick Humphreys, 58, of Liberty Lake and Scott Michael Parsons, 46.

The office of the sheriff has reported as many as three avalanches on Tuesday.

A rescued skier told him that after the first avalanche, he could make a hole with his fist before another buried him. The skier, Bill Fuzak, is reported to have been trapped about 50 minutes before he was rescued.

Search For The Third Skier

The hunt for the third missing skier took place on the whole day of Wednesday before it being revived for Thursday morning.

Sheriff Mike Gunderson said on Thursday shortly after the discovery of a helicopter from Montana capable of detecting reflection from cellphones and other objects that had “reflective hits.”

Thursday’s weather broke, allowing the helicopter to fly, Gunderson said.

He said avalanches are a danger in backcountry areas, but that even in ski resorts, “this is something that we must always consider when you ski these black diamonds in some of those remote areas.”

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