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Sebastian Stan Wants To Play Dracula In Blumhouse’s Dracula Reboot

Sebastian Stan New Role

Avengers Endgame star Sebastian Stan expressed his interest in playing the role of Dracula in Blumhouse’s remake of the film. As per sources in the Last month, it was reported that the Blumhouse Production is developing a Dracula reboot for Universal Pictures following the huge success of director Leigh Whannell’s in The Invisible Man.

The new take on the classic Bram Stoker novel will be helmed by the artist Karyn Kusama, best known for directing Jennifer’s Body and Destroyer, the latter of which starred Nicole Kidman and Avengers Endgame star Sebastian Stan.

New Upcoming Horror Movie

According to the sources during an interview with The Hollywood Journalist, Karyn Kusama’s work on Destroyer was brought up and the conversation then turned to Blumhouse’s Dracula reboot. In acknowledgment, the artist Sebastian Stan noted that he reached out to Kusama to suggest to her that he is from Romania, suggesting he is got interested in playing with Dracula in the future horror film.

The artist Bram Stoker’s original Dracula novels follow and develop the titular vampire as he attempts to move from Transylvania to England in hopes of finding new blood and spreading the undead affliction. However, the full details on how Blumhouse plans to change the Dracula story are currently under wraps.

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