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Scary Movie 6: Will We Get A New Parody Movie? Check The Details Here

We would rather not be the unwanted messenger, however, we won’t keep you in tension: as of now, there are no designs to proceed with the series with a 6th portion. Goodness, Zucker is still near, as is the entirety of the Wayans.

Will There Be Scary Movie 6?

There has been a lot of dread flicks ready for spoof since 2013, and no one at any point became penniless creation motion pictures that point solidly for lowbrow chuckles. With regards to the Scary Movie flicks, however, there are two or three really valid justifications why we’ll most likely never get another.

Scary Movie 6 - 2024 Movie Trailer (Parody) - YouTube

To begin with, the movie’s exhibitions of the whole series have consistently been hit-and-miss, and Scary Movie 5 was by a wide margin the least earning of all. While Scary Movie 4 turned in a good $178 million around the world, the fifth section oversaw just $78 million it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, a full $100 million not as much as its antecedent.

Second, each and every section in the series was created by Dimension Films, which was helped to establish by an acclaimed maker by the name of Harvey Weinstein, who is right now carrying out a 23-year jail punishment for rape.

Are There Any Plans For Scary Movie 6?

In 2018, the Dimension name and the entirety of the creation house’s advantages were procured by Lantern Entertainment. That organization has gotten looking moderate so far, creating just four movies in the mediating time span. Quite, one of the two movies as of now in Lantern’s pipeline in Scream 5, a spin-off of the flick that the original Scary Movie parodied.

With the estimation of the Scary Movie brand drifting someplace around “nonexistent,” and the franchise creation organization rebranded and battling to discover its center, there simply doesn’t appear to be a motivating force to cause a 6th film to occur. Maybe sometime in the future, Lantern will drag the franchise out of retirement. Up to that point, we’ll simply need to rely on the Adam Sandler and Rob Schneiders of the world to flexibly us with those simple laughs.

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