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San Andreas 2: Will There Be A Sequel Of Dwayne Johnson’s Action Thriller Movie?

Alexandra Daddario, Dwayne Johnson’s on-screen daughter, has somewhat confirmed that Johnson will be seen again in a sequel of San Andreas, and fans have been going gaga about this news ever since.

We last saw Johnson In San Andreas, which released in 2015; it as been five years since we heard any news about a reboot or sequel, and finally, the announcement is here!

We see Alexandra Daddario play the character of Blake Gaines, who is spending time with her parents trying to reunite them after a devastating Los Angeles earthquake.

San Andreas was the first movie that put the actress on the map, and she has been doing great on-screen since then, she has been seen in various tv shows and films, she also reunited with Johnson during Baywatch.


Alexandra was recently asked if she would like to see a sequel happening for San Andreas. If she would be willing to go back to her role of Blake Gaines, she said: “she would love to come back to do such a large scale movie once again, she also mentioned that she hadn’t heard a word about a sequel in quite some time, but if it were happening she would love to be a part of it.”

However, we still haven’t got any confirmation if the movie is getting ready for a sequel the last time we heard rumors of a San Andreas 2 was back in 2018 when director Brad Peyton said that he would surely be on board with the project.

The movie’s sequel will also depend on the availability of Johnson, as we know he is a very busy star and to get his dates will be a tough job.

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