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RoboCop TV Prequel: Here’s All The Details Revealed By Ed Neumeier About It

Ed Neumeier, one of the genuine RoboCop’s writers, talked presently and discovered that a RoboCop bordering series is in the works about the upward push of Dick Jones and Omni Consumer Products, the obscure organization which served because of of the center of solidarity in Detroit in the legitimate film.

Details Revealed By Ed Neumeier About RoboCop TV Prequel

It has the entirety of the cool stuff around RoboCop other than no RoboCop,” Neumeier said. I’m working with those writers, Dave Parkin and Rob Gibbs, who offered me this idea to a TV producer buddy of mine, who at that point notified it with me. The first time when I heard about it, I realized it become a fab idea because of the reality I should see lots of factors you may do with it. It’s such an exciting person.

Neumeier clarifies that following a more young Dick Jones is exciting because of the reality “no character consistently starts offevolved out being the bad person, and he says that on the off chance that he and the elective writers are fit for convincing adequate people at MGM to move ahead with the idea!

The showcase will be around the development of Richard Jones to Dick Jones, the story of OCP, and how the segment developments into fate, how the organization global carries on.

Robocop Prequel Series: All The Buzz Around The Renewal Of The Hit Classic - FoxExclusive

Other Updates

Ronny Cox, one of the staggering character of the Nineteen Eighties and ’90s, depicted Dick Jones, the senior bad habit executive of Omni Consumer Products. In the film, he advanced the ED-209 task: a mobile, creature-like robot tank that he was trusting may refresh cops totally and come to be the fate of guideline authorization.

At the point when ED-209 ruthlessly kills an individual at some phase in Jones’ own one of a kind meeting room introduction boasting around the machine’s adequacy, he brutally forgets about it as a glitch.

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