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Pirates Of Caribbean: Johnny Depp Rehired As Jack Sparrow

One could argue that the world just doesn’t need any more Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but when the franchise has earned more than $4.5 billion in the box office and is in the hands of our pop-culture masters at Disney, the Black Pearl should be allowed to sail off into the sunset.

Last Installment Of The Franchise

Fifth installment Dead Men Tell No Tales may have been the lowest since the original back in 2003, but a sum of 795 million dollars worldwide is not a little change, and the Mouse House wishes to keep its swashbuckling cash vacuum milking for all that is worth.

Together with Pirates’ veteran, Ted Elliott, Chernobyl co-creator Craig Mazin is currently writing the script for this New Film, but little is known about the artistic path for the sixth high seas adventure, aside from the intention to lead a female star.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

Disney undoubtedly offended many viewers when leading man Johnny Depp was publicly dropped in the wake of his sensational divorce from Amber Heard. However, the studio was able to save about $90 million on a lucrative player deal to retain the play of Jack Sparrow. But after a series of developments in the court case between the two former wives, it is now clear that the 56-year-old will retake his nominee Academy signature role in the upcoming sixth film.

Some Mouse House executives now advocate for his return behind the scenes at the recent turn of Depp’s legal battle and the strong public interest on his behalf. And because these are the same reports that said the studio also did a Bambi live-action revival last year, we have no reason to be in doubt about it.

Chances Of Johnny Depp’s Return

When he returns, though, Jack Sparrow will play a more cooperative part in Curse of the Black Pearl, where the protagonist remains a pirate. How exactly he will affect the story, that we still don’t know, but in any case, there have already been petitions to have him rehired, which have gathered thousands of signatures, and that target is now more achievable.

However, as one of the most famous film characters of the century, many people would not be interested in a Caribbean Pirates cop that Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t reveal, and as such, we crossed our fingers that he might return.

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